A Beginners Guide To Blogging: How To Start A Blog

It is logical for a beginners guide to blogging to begin with information on how to start a blog. For that reason they come in all sorts of sizes, designs and shapes, and your blog page is literally yours to anything you want with.

You can include pictures, hyperlinks to your mp3s, videos and websites. Much depends on the type of blog you have and who is the provider, but WordPress allows more than Blogger or Blogspot, especially if you have downloaded it to your own website. However, it is also more complicated and you might prefer to start off easy and then work your way up as you become more familiar with what you are doing. Many cPanel web hosts offer WordPress facilities.

The basic components of a blog are:

Title: You can use the title to label your posting.
Category: You can add a category to keep blogs on similar topics together.
Body: This is the main content of the blog.
Trackback: This allows other sites to link back to your blog.
Permalink: This is the URL that goes with every blog that you write.
Comments: This allows readers to make comments on your blog– some good, and some bad.

By means of just one or two templates you can easily create new pages. It’s a bit like having a website and copying your home page as a template for all the rest of the pages, only the blog template is blank with spaces for the title, category and all the other aspects of your blog. The blogging websites that you sign up with offer a number of templates and you can choose one and literally start blogging immediately.

Blogging can be more than just your own personal thing, and you can join groups that blog about specific topics, such as football, movies, music, blogging, etc, etc. You can all share your expertise and knowledge and some are literally operating as forums. You can also use your blog to advertise a product, and to drive traffic to your website, while others have no website and use their blog as their sole communications window on the internet.

I could go on all day about what you can do and, sometimes, cannot do with a blog, but the best way is to get started and then find what you are capable of. The best way is to log onto the blog provider of your choice and sign up for a blog. Most newcomers to blogging find it easiest to start blogging from a provider’s website, and then graduating to installing blogging software on their own website

This is a bit trickier, but it allows you use all the plugins that allow total personalization of your blog so that it is completely unlike that of anybody else. You cannot use plugins when you run your blog from the provider’s site, whether it is WordPress or any other blog. You cannot beat having your own blog software and being able to design any page that you want.

However, although this sounds great to be able to do, on the whole you are likely best to start blogging from the blog hosting site, and then graduate to your own website once you are comfortable with blogging. When you upload to your own web space without having to worry about how blogging works, you will have enough to take in and learn.

There are specific techniques involved in making money using blogs, and it is very easy to get your fingers burnt if you are unaware of the pitfalls and the right way to do it. Blogging can be very rewarding, both personally and financially, so best of luck, and get blogging now.

Then you can think of running your own from your own website once you have learned how to start a blog.

It is logical for a beginners guide to blogging to begin with information on how to start a blog. It’s a bit like having a website and copying your home page as a template for all the rest of the pages, only the blog template is blank with spaces for the title, category and all the other aspects of your blog. You can also use your blog to advertise a product, and to drive traffic to your website, while others have no website and use their blog as their sole communications window on the internet.

The best way is to log onto the blog provider of your choice and sign up for a blog. You cannot use plugins when you run your blog from the provider’s site, whether it is WordPress or any other blog.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Emailing Press Releases From A Media Veteran

I’m a big believer in EMAILING press releases. Not only is email dirt cheap, email can often get you in front of editors a lot faster than regular mail or fax.

Here’s why. Media outlets like radio stations, TV stations, and newspapers get a TON of press releases and send press release fast. During my 20 years working in radio and TV, we got bag loads of mailed press releases every day.

Probably 90 percent of them came from politicians and local college athletic programs. Their publicity people are told to send out a release several times a week – whether they have any real news to tell or not. Media get a release every time a congress person helps someone or an athletic field house gets a new folding chair.

Are these mailed press releases ignored? You bet they are. Most go straight from the mail bag to the trash. Who has time to open 150 envelopes when most of them are pushing some story you will never be able to use? I know I’ll get some notes from media workers who will say “WE don’t do it that way at our place.” And you can be sure a few news rooms are very organized about opening, reading, filing, and using releases.

Faxed releases work better, but not that much better given the expense. I worked at one station where the manager got tired of the fax machine burning up cartridges printing releases. Faxed releases were routed to the receptionist’s computer where she deleted them.

At another media outlet, faxes, ads, and all the other things that get faxed spilled out on the floor. Some were read, others were used for scratch paper, and most were trampled on until somebody bundled them into the trash.

Wait a minute! If nobody is reading press releases, why do studies claim that 75 % of the stories you read in newspapers originate from press releases?

The answer lies in email. Email makes it easy to receive a release, forward it to the staff person who covers that particular topic, and then store the release in an email “futures” file where it can be pulled up as needed.

It’s incredibly easy for newspaper people to import the email release into their writing program, change the headline, tweak a few things, and run it as a story. Editors don’t like to admit they do this, but we’ve seen big city newspapers run our releases as articles with very few changes.

You can’t blame journalists for doing this. Media outlets have cut staffs over and over again during the past 15 years. One person now does the work of three staffers.

Here are some tips for making your send press release fast the starting point for a media report:

1. Start your subject line with RELEASE. Follow with the most newsworthy/titillating part of your story.

Make your headline the first thing in the body of your email. The media person should be able to tell what your release is about just by reading the headlines.

3. Include your contact information after the body of the release. This is becoming the standard way to do things on the Net. Journalists are now used to looking at the bottom for contact info.

4. Keep your release under 400 words. Make sure you have good information the media audience wants, otherwise you don’t stand a chance of getting coverage.

5. Take time to send your release to your local media. They are more likely to use your story than out-of-town media. You can find their email addresses by searching for their sites on search engines.

6. Send your release to trade publications covering your field. Even small developments can be of big interest to others in your line of work. One photographer client sent her release to photographic magazines and got coverage in almost every one.

7. Go national. Get the Gebbie Media Guide at Gebbie.com. It’s reliable and affordable.

Media outlets like radio stations, TV stations, and newspapers get a TON of press releases. During my 20 years working in radio and TV, we got bag loads of mailed press releases every day.

Media get a release every time a congress person helps someone or an athletic field house gets a new folding chair.

The media person should be able to tell what your release is about just by reading the headlines.

Take time to send your release to your local media.

Air Freight Tips and Tricks

Globaltranz air freight is one of the leading air freight services that many business and companies have relied on for years now. They are famous for providing logistic solution in transporting time-sensitive materials both internationally and domestically.

In addition, they have a highly trained customer service support present 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. These people are ready to answer any queries and eager to help their customers plan out the best strategy so that their package will be delivered on time and in the best condition.

What sets them apart from the rest is as a exclusive freight company that they maintain strict standards regarding shipment. Because they know that there is a constant need for things and materials to be moved around. With the many issues that involve these kinds of services, it is important that customer satisfaction is first in mind.

They are continuously formulating new strategies to improve their service. The one thing they focus on is to avoid the many problems that are related with air freight shipment.

But then it is not only the air freight service that is responsible transporting cargo effectively and efficiently. It can be noted that customers have to do their part so that their package or cargo will be shipped effectively and efficiently.

Below are some tips to help avoid air freight problems.

1. Pad all fragile items.

If you are shipping breakable items with unbreakable ones, it is important that you pad the fragile items carefully. If you do not make a note regarding the contents of your package, rough handling can not be avoided especially.

Even if you are assured that your package will be handled right, unavoidable circumstances are sure to happen. Rather than take the risk that chance, it is best to provide additional safety measures so that none of the materials will be compromised.

2. Fill up your box.

It is not advisable to ship partially or half filled boxes. This is because boxes are filed on top of another. When this happens, your box has the tendency to be crushed by heavier boxes.

The best option would be to put your package in a smaller box. This way, all the space will be consumed and the materials will be made immobile and intact.

3. Pack perishable items properly.

If you want you package to arrive fresh and edible in their destination, you have to make sure that you put them in the proper package before shipping them.

There are rules and regulations that customers should adhere to when they want to ship perishable items. Make sure that you know about these rules beforehand. You can always contact their customer service so that you will not violate one or two of their rules.

4. Dangerous goods and infectious substances.

Most air freight services have strict standards regarding the shipment of dangerous chemicals and goods. Some of them do not even accept these kinds of shipment.

For those who do, you are required to provide the necessary documentation that will support the safe shipment of these materials. Be prepared to provide these documentations.

These are some of the tips that are provided to their customers. In doing your part, you can be assured that the company will do the rest.

Globaltranz air freight is one of the leading air freight services that many business and companies have relied on for years now. What makes this air freight service different from the rest is that they maintain strict standards regarding shipment. With the many issues that involve these kinds of services, it is important that customer satisfaction is first in mind.

When this happens, your box has the tendency to be crushed by heavier boxes.

You can always contact their customer service so that you will not violate one or two of their rules.

You Should Advertise Your Brand Online

Don’t be contented of just placing posters on walls and in places that people usually frequent. Take note that some people write things on pieces of paper or huge posters that they’d find. Aside from that, you would only be able to reach out to people within your area when you’d rely on conventional marketing methods. Right now, for you to seriously promote your brand, you should go ahead and use the internet. That’s because you could truly let your trademark become recognizable when you’d utilize the worldwide web. You can put up your very own website where people could go to, write about your products and services and then post them in different places on the web and also make use of online marketing strategies that have been used by advertisers for a really long time. If you wish to find out the specifics of the tips mentioned for successful advertising on the web, please continue reading.

Building your own website can definitely help. If you don’t have one then you should create an official page for your brand. You could always get assistance from professionals if you have little or no knowledge with regards to programming, coding or the likes. If you want to, you could always create a blog site for your company so that it would be possible for you to make a site that is easy to manage and has a professional look to it. Choose whichever approach you’re comfortable with when it comes to making a site but make sure that you make one that has contents that you could use to promote your brand name, goods and services, and also those that could let you impress people and truly express the things that you wish to inform people of. Moreover, if possible, your site should be structured in such a way wherein it could be easily accessed and browsed with the use of mobile devices because many nowadays are using portable gadgets to connect the internet.

Once you already have a site, you should then try different things for promotion that you could use. If you have a brick-and-mortar site for your business, you should try taking pictures of it and then upload what you’ve taken on the website that you’ve made. Still, pictures simply won’t do. Because it may be hard for people to simply discover your page randomly, you have to make an effort to reach out to possible customers and just about anybody who may be interested to buy from you through the use of ads. If you want to, you could find digital agency berkshire and then ask for assistance with regards to coming up with promotional materials that could be uploaded online and then direct people towards your business site. You could also do search engine optimization on your own or with the help of people so that you could make your website visible to popular engines for searching like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Still, you could try creating multiple blog accounts with entries that have detailed information of the goods and offers that you have plus things that may be interesting and related to your site.

Do You Want to Gain an Edge in Contest of Champions?

Playing video games is definitely a past time that a lot of people love to engage in nowadays. With video games, people are able to have a good time without having to go outdoors or having to do strenuous work. Also, the propagation of powerful smart devices like smartphones, tablet computers and the like has made playing games very easy to do virtually anywhere you may go.

Of the modern mobile games that are available; one of the most popular is Marvel Contest of Champions. The gist of the game involves pitting the comics universe’s popular heroes and villains against each other, with players building their own team of heroes and villains, powering them up and duking them out with computer controlled characters as well as player controlled ones if challenge is what you are after.

While Marvel Contest of Champions is a free to play game, the developers have also implemented measures that will allow them to earn money from players which is thankfully optional. In order to power up characters or in order to acquire new heroes, Contest of Champions requires that you use a variety of resources in game which includes gold, units and ISO-8. While these resources can be acquired through normal gameplay, the resource rewards from normal playing is quite small and that you will need to play the game a lot in order for you to be able to purchase new characters and power ups for the ones that you already have. If you are not willing to make a substantial time investment into the game however then there is a high Marvel Contest of Champions hack that you can take advantage of.

Provided by mobilegamehackers.com, this hack will provide your account with a large amount of resources in game. This will allow you too much easily purchase characters and power-ups, allowing you to be well equipped for the different opponents that you will be facing throughout the game. This will also save you a lot of time and effort when compared to having to acquire these resources manually. You may think that this hack is quite complicated but it is actually very easy to do. All you need to do is to visit the website and then enter the needed information, follow the instructions provided and then you should be able to see the added gold, units and ISO-8 added to your account in no time. What makes the hack even better is that it has been used by many people now so you are guaranteed that the hack definitely works. Another reason why you will want to go with the hack is that it features an anti-ban program. What this means is that you will be able to use the hack without your account getting the risk of being banned.

With this resource hack that mobilegamehackers.com offers for Contest of Champions, you will be able to acquire your favorite Marvel heroes and power them up for fun and engaging gameplay without the hassles.

Spice Simulators

There are a very great number of electrical devices available for use today but before any of those devices became available for use, their circuits had to be evaluated to ensure that they could carry sufficient power to operate the device. As making just one mock-up of a circuit may not allow for adequate analysis, SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) was developed by a University in California. SPICE is a general purpose circuit simulator that can provide analysis of circuits before they are physically created. A spice simulator is probably something that the pioneers of electricity would never have even dreamed of creating but it was their original work which led to the creation of all the electrical devices available today.

Probably one of the most famous pioneers of electricity was Thomas Edison who brought light to the world with the first electric light bulb. Although Edison did introduce the world to the light bulb, it was actually two Canadian medical students that invented it. Theirs was a very rudimentary light bulb but it worked but as they did not have the resources or finance required to develop it further, they sold the patent to Edison who improved on it before making the world know of its existence. Another name that became famous for work with electricity in its early days was the Italian Alessandro Volta who invented the first battery without which many of today’s devices would not be possible. Of course Nikola Tesla will always be remembered as the electrical pioneer that invented the electric motor, an invention without which many of our kitchen appliances would not work. Although their names have become well known, their achievements in the field of electrics may not be so well recognized by many and they are André-Marie Ampère and Georg Ohm. Ampère played a major role in the discovery of electromagnetism and was also the first person able to measure electrical current. Ohm is responsible for Ohm’s Law, the ability to compare voltage, current and resistance, something g that is essential in the development of all modern electrical devices.

Although simulators for use in analysing circuits have been around for some time, the software was often only available as a download onto a computer. This served its purpose for developers but was not too useful for teachers when they had to teach analytic electrics to their students. To facilitate better teaching practices, some of the circuit simulators became available as plug-ins which could be used on multiple computers. With the appearance of cloud facilities on the internet, simulators placed on cloud are now available for all teachers and students and so teaching has become far easier. Circuit simulators are particularly good as single circuit mock-ups may only afford limited analysis whilst the simulators can provide analysis for a multitude of scenarios and therefore save time, effort and expense in the development of circuits for new modern devices. Although the development of still more devices may seem unbelievable, Edison probably would not have believed the advances that we have made today either.

All About Order Management Systems

If you’ve ever wondered about inventory management software and the benefits it could bring your business, here’s the lowdo0wn you need to start you off.

Order Management Systems, or OMS, are used through industries and over many different sizes of businesses. In essence, they streamline the order process, especially when there is multi-channel sales areas or a dispersed warehousing network to co-ordinate. Customer service is, of course, the most vital focus of pretty much any business, and disciplined order management is the vital part of getting orders to customers correctly, and on time.

In addition, it provides the user with a host of other data like product information, inventory availability, stocking levels and reorder points as well as sourcing, vendor information, customer service functionality, returns processing, financial processing and integration with accounting packages, data analysis and reporting.

There are order management systems for just about any size of business, from the small to the largest, and some are cloud integrated where others are not. Order management systems centralize the different stages in the order process- capture, validation, fraud prevention, authorization or payments, picking/packing/shipping and the process of keeping the consumer informed. They also coordinate inventory and backorder management as we’ve detailed. Workflow capabilities are usually invoked to manage the processes.

A different category of order management software is used to execute securities on the financial markets. These are normally termed Trade Order Management systems in the industry, regardless of whether they’re used on the buy or sell side of a transaction. Similarly to their mainstream cousins, they allow routing, changing, cancellation and the updating of customer orders, as well as executing buys and sells. Although the nature of their business means that these systems are highly tailored to the unique demands of their market, they still in effect work in a similar manner to the standard order management system.

As tools of business, order management systems are vital to the wellbeing and smooth handling capacity of companies involved in the ordering process. The move from manual to automatic order tracking systems can seem like a futile one to the business owner or manager of a startup, but once order levels surpass 10 a day it’s generally recommended that the investment in a quality order management system is made. While order management systems exist for any size and capacity of business, it’s generally recommended that systems are not bought for the current size of the business but with a mind towards future growth potentials to ensure that the system is a quality investment and not that instant upgrades become required or the system is easily overwhelmed by new business growth.

Well known order management systems for small businesses include the Carta OMS and can be found in almost every nook and cranny of the software industry. Good online research is usually a great precursor to ensuring the purchase of a quality product.

Why Is There A Need To Optimize A Website?

If you are going to look around, you will immediately notice that there seems to be a revolution against the desktops, for there are more and more people who are no longer using desktops. In fact, there seems to be an increasing number of people who are frequently using their mobile phones to transact with other people. Likewise, there is a conspicuous radical change in the buying behavior of most people. Nowadays, more and more people are using their smartphones to buy items and avail of any service that they need. This radical shift in the behavior of most people may be due to the technological development of apps, and the ever-increasing reach of the World Wide Web. Hence, it is becoming imperative for businesses to create highly responsive websites that would be easily accessible using mobile phones. Having a website that is highly optimized for smartphones is part and parcel of SEO, for if you want your business brand to be known to the majority of people who are using smartphones, you should make your website highly responsive.

Statistics readily show that less than three fourths of the Americans have smartphones. Likewise, around 35% of adult Americans have tablet computers. Moreover, more than 64% of smartphone owners make use of their phones to access the internet. Hence, it is becoming all the more imperative for business owners to ensure that they have responsive websites which can be clearly viewed using smartphones.

There are concomitant advantages in having a highly responsive website and here are some of these advantages.

  • First, those mobile and smartphone users can readily access your website using smartphones. Compared to websites that are non-responsive, businesses with highly responsive websites will surely get the larger chunk of visitors and potential customers who use their smartphones in searching for a product or service. Hence, if you live, for example, in San Francisco, and your business website is not yet responsive, you could readily avail of the service of one of the best San Francisco SEO experts to help you optimize your website for mobile and smartphones’ users.
  • Another obvious advantage of having an optimized website is that your brand will reach a greater number of target audiences who are using smartphones.
  • Third, there is a greater chance that the contents of your website will be read by those who are using mobile and smartphones.
  • Furthermore, your business will get more mobile searches and hence, there would be more traffic directed to your website. Eventually, if more people would visit your site, your website’s ranking might increase which would further increase the visibility of your website online.
  • Likewise, your call-to-action will be frequently read and your website will eventually get more inquiries which could readily translate into more actual customers.

Just imagine all those mobile searches that your business will lose if your website is not optimized for mobile and smartphone searches. If there are more than 1 billion people worldwide who are using their smartphones to search for an item or service, then you may lose the chance of cornering the larger chunk of these searches via smartphones.

Hiring an SEO Company

As with everything else, when you hire an SEO company, you will want it to be a good one and be able to provide you with positive results, hopefully ensuring that you see an increase in business through your website. One of the factors that you should look for is where the company is based as, SEO is relevant to search engine criteria and they may differ from location to location. If you live in Los Angeles, you would therefore want a top SEO Company Los Angeles based. Another factor you may look for is as to whether or not they offer long term plans. The criteria that search engines use are changed from time to time, especially for the more popular search engines like Google. If this occurs, the SEO that you already have in place, may be rendered less effective by the changes and so your ranking on search listing results could start to slip, eventually all but disappearing. New SEO can of course be applied as the criteria change but without assistance, will you know when that is? With a long term plan the SEO specialist will monitor your website, noting any differences in its ranking and will also monitor the search engines looking out for any changes in their criteria. When and if any of these things occur, the SEO specialist will automatically take necessary action to alter your SEO in order to maintain your ranking. Even if you did the monitoring yourself, when you noticed a difference, you would probably have to call the SEO anyway to make it right.

SEO is not only about the ranking in web searches though; it is also about link building and PPC (pay per click) advertising. Link building is an important aspect of any business website as it is the means by which you can get visitors to your website without them having to initiate a search. How link building works is by you placing a link to your website in content that you place on another website, a host website. An SEO specialist will be able to assist you in choosing the best websites as hosts for your content. They will want to be websites that have the same interests as your business but are hopefully more popular, initially at least. The more people that visit the host website, the more potential visitors there will be to your site and if they are interested in what the host site has; they should also be interested in what your site can offer and are therefore potential customers. There are several types of PPC available and choosing the right one for you could make a difference and SEO specialists will be able to advise you to the pros and cons of each different type. As the search engine criteria can also affect these host sites popularity, the number of clicks received from each should also be monitored for maintaining the optimum efficiency of your links and advertisements.

Why You Will Want to Work with Reelmedia for Your Business’ Corporate Videos?

Advertising and marketing is without a doubt one of the most important aspect of a business. While not directly related to product or service quality, the thing about marketing is that this is the aspect of the business that lets the target market knows that there is a product being offered by your business that they might want. Without marketing, it is possible that your target consumers will not know anything about the products or services that you are offering and that no matter how good the quality and value that what your business is offering may have, there is still the possibility that it will not sell well and this will mean loss for your business.

Now there are a lot of different ways for you to market whatever it is that your business is offering and when it comes to marketing materials, videos are probably the best ones that you can use. Conventional advertising materials involve the use of posters, streamers, leaflets and the like. With videos, you will have imagery that is in motion, making it that much more interesting plus you have the advantage of being able to add audio and voice overs which will not only enhance the moving imagery that you see but this will also allow the movie to have some sort of narration that will be able to clearly inform your target market about the benefits that they will be able to enjoy when they purchase whatever product or service that your business may be selling to them.

Now when it comes to making videos, it would be very ideal if professionals were responsible for the creation, but you will want to make sure to work with the best video production professionals or teams to ensure the top-notch quality of your video. Now there are definitely a lot of these services that you can work with but probably the best option that you can have nowadays is Reelmedia and that there are a lot of reasons why you will want to go with the service as your video production team of choice.

One the main reasons why you will want to choose Reelmedia is that they have the skills and experience in creating videos and that they have the impressive portfolio to match this claim. If you view corporate video that Reelmedia has produced, you can clearly see that the videos made are without a doubt very high quality with attractive yet at the same time unobtrusive graphics, a clear script that is spoken professionally and an overall attractive video package that is interesting to look at and is very informative as well and you are guaranteed that this video will give you the improved business and sales that you are after.

Another reason why you will want to work with Reelmedia on your corporate video is that the company has very reasonable prices that are lower than the competition despite offering equal if not better quality videos so you are guaranteed to get a corporate video that will definitely raise the profile of the business but without you having to spend excessive amounts of money to acquire such a video.